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Solid Rock Bible Camp Registration Form


T-shirt (optional) $12

To guarantee T-shirt, registration must be in by July 13th.

Registration is not complete until you pay the minimum registration fee of $30 by either sending a check made out to Solid Rock Bible Camp and sent to; Solid Rock Bible Camp, 320 NE 20 Ave. Great Bend, KS 67530. Or, clicking on the "Pay Now" button on the bottom of this form. (Complete registration form first and click on the "submit" button, then a link will bring you back to this page with a blank form so you can click on the "Pay Now" button to pay your registration fee)

Pay $125 if registered by July 13th.

Medical Information

Is the camper able to participate in all activities?

Health History

Is camper able to sleep on a top bunk?

Does camper have a bedwetting history?

Are all shots current?

Did the camper have a surgery within the last year?

Does camper have Epilepsy / Convulsions?

Does camper have Diabetes?

Does camper have digestive problems?

Does camper have Asthma/ Hay Fever?

Does camper have ear trouble?

Does camper have heart trouble?

Is camper able to take Tylenol?

Is camper able to take Ibuprofen?

Is camper able to take Benadryl?

Does the camper take any medications?

Note: Medications brought by campers must be placed in a zip lock bag and clearly marked with camper's name and instructions. All medications must be turned in to the camp nurse.

I hereby request that in the event of an emergency, my child be taken to the nearest doctor or hospital for treatment and I be notified as soon as possible. I understand that I will be responsible for any medical expenses not covered by my insurance or camp insurance.

Camper Agreement

I understand that every effort will be made to protect and safeguard all campers. I agree not to hold SOLID ROCK BIBLE CAMP liable for any illness or mishap from any cause whatsoever which may be sustained. I also give the camp full authority in dealing with problems of discipline. I agree that any camper disregarding camp rules is subject to being sent home with no refund of camp fees. Likewise any camper who willfully destroys or defaces property will be held responsible and charged accordingly.

As a camper at SOLID ROCK BIBLE CAMP I promise to obey the rules and fully participate in the camp program.

Photo Release

I give permission to use pictures that include my child in the promotion of SOLID ROCK BIBLE CAMP and INFAITH.

Before submitting this form, please make sure that you check the "I'm not a robot" box and verify it.

Do not click on the Pay Now button until you have submitted your registration form.

You will be redirected back to this page with a blank form.  You may then click on Pay Now to pay your registration fee. In Paypal, it will show payment to American Missionary Fellowship which is the correct account.   Thank you for sending your child to Solid Rock Bible Camp! 

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