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Click on pdf. to the left for a printable staff application form and send to director or fill out the form below for online application. 

Volunteer Application



Grade Completed

Marital Status

Choose the week or weeks of camp you would like to serve

Check the areas at which you have experience

Check the areas at which you are willing to serve in

Are you willing to help in any position necessary?

Have you received Christ as your personal Savior?

Have you ever led anyone to Christ?

Please list three ADULTS who know you well (OTHER THAN RELATIVES)

Are you currently using Tobacco products?

Have you ever been convicted of any offense other than minor traffic violations?

Have you ever been dismissed from rendering service to children or youth for reason other than the expiration of the normal term of such service?

Child abuse is as old as the history of mankind. It has many ugly forms and is a problem of severe magnitude and shocking implications. The spiritual atmosphere, which InFaith attempts to provide, may be one of the best deterrents possible. When, however, an instance of child abuse is suspected or reported, our leadership must do everything it can to help those in need as quickly as possible along the best spiritual and professional guidelines. You will receive a position paper concerning child abuse after your application has been accepted. You will need to sign and return the position paper to the camp director before serving at Solid Rock Bible Camp. You will be functioning under the requirements of it, and it is imperative that you will follow its guidelines. Yes, I understand this statement.

Solid Rock Bible Camp is an interdenominational Bible camp, working with youth people from many different church backgrounds. We do not put down other's beliefs; but teach the Bible and present Jesus Christ as the Savior and the answer to all people's needs and problems. I agree to abide by the Camp and staff rules and submit to the camp leadership. I have read and fully understand all questions requested in this application. I certify that all answers given by me are true, accurate and complete. I understand that the completion and/or execution of this application does not insure me a volunteer position, nor does it obligate me or the organization in any way. I fully understand that the omission and/or misrepresentation of facts requested may be cause for immediate dismissal without prior notice. I authorize the organization to request and obtain information concerning my previous employment, and contact the personal references listed herein. If accepted for service, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of InFaith. I have read, and understand, and agree to the above.

If you are over the age of 18 we will need to have a background check done. This information will be kept confidential and is only used to protect Solid Rock Bible Camp and the campers that attend. Please give us the following information so we can complete the background check.

Would you like to purchase a camp T-Shirt?

I give permission to use pictures that include myself in the promotion of Solid Rock Bible Camp and InFaith.

Please scroll down to "Our Beliefs" and read.

Yes, I agree with the statement of faith of Solid Rock Bible Camp.

Medication Form

Are you able to participate in all activities?

All shots current?

DPT series

Surgery within the last year?

Epilepsy / convulsions


Digestive problems

Asthma / Hay Fever

Ear trouble

Heart trouble

Before submitting this form, please make sure that you check the "I'm not a robot" box and verify it.

 Our Belief

      The ministry of Solid Rock Bible Camp is built upon what we believe, and what we believe is based on the Word of God and our personal faith in Jesus Christ. We hold to the great foundational truths of the historic Christian faith held in common by like-minded evangelical Christians, with whom we share both fellowship and the mission mandate.


We believe that there is one God, creator and sustainer of the universe, existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We believe that the Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God, is inerrant in the original manuscripts and uniquely infallible, our only authority for faith and practice


We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His substitutionary sacrifice upon the cross, in His bodily resurrection, in His victory over sin and His enemy Satan, in His present exaltation at His Father's right hand, and in His personal return, at any time, in power and great glory.


We believe in the fall and the lostness of man, whose total depravity requires that he be regenerated by the Holy Spirit for his salvation.


We believe that salvation consists of the forgiveness of sins, the imputation of Christ's righteousness, and the gift of eternal fife, received by grace through faith alone, entirely apart from works.


We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life, and by whom the Church, the Body of Christ, is gifted and equipped to serve and glorify God.


We believe in the bodily resurrection of all mankind: those who have trusted in Christ, the ultimate Judge, will receive everlasting life and blessedness in Heaven; those who have not will receive everlasting punishment and separation from the presence of God.


We believe that Christ has commanded His Church to preach the gospel to all people, and that this mandate should be a primary concern of all Christians.


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